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Arcade Machine Shipping Database

Forward Air
(alternate site)
A bulk transportation company with offices at most of the major metro airports in the U.S. and a few in Canada as well.  Seller and buyer are required to ship their game to their respective airports, so this is by no means a door to door service.  There are also strict packing regulations in place.  To see a list of participating cities click on the link at left.  Note: some forward air locations are no longer accepting pins or arcade units.  Some still are.  Call yours and cross your fingers. 

Average price: $110 (based on weight) 

Availability: All year long. 

Note: Their name implies that they ship your game through the air, but they are exclusively a ground shipping company. 

PackshipUSAhotNew: Specialize in packing and shipping items that are large, fragile and high value.  We utilize foam-in-place foam (a dispensed foam) that covers all of the "touch points" of the item being packed.  All arcade games are  palletized, packed with foam and covered with 275 lb double wall, corrugated packaging.  Home base in Orrville, OH.  Ship to all ponts in the world (business and residential).  All orders are fully insured.  Call for quote at 800-548-0852. 

Average price: $190-$250 (includes foam shipping)

Availability: All year long


Shipping FreightA discounted shipping finder service with their home base in Florida.  Its hard to tell who specifically they use for delivery, however it is door to door.  Suggest you get information on the shipper they give you and get referenced before agreeing to anything.  Webpage has automated quote system where they will email or fax you the best available rate in minutes.  All shipments require wrapping and palletting (see our wrapping page). 

Average price: $250-$300 for a pin (based on distance and weight)

Availability: All year long

Eric's ShippingEric's shipping will ship door-to-door pretty much anywhere.  They also pad and wrap every item that goes onto their trucks free which is a real plus (note: always wrap your game as well)!   Delivery time varies greatly.  But, they now have a third party service related to North Amercian Van lines if your in a hurry which is handling flat-rate delivery. They are very responsive and professional.  They can be reached best at the reservation office at 928-753-3070 8am-6pm M-F, Arizona standard time.

Average price: vids $160+ pins $250 flat. NAV option: by distance.

Availability: All year long. 


Dennis DodelA door-to-door national shipper, specializing in pinballs and in the EASTERN US.  He has finally opened a webpage although currently it is not complete.  Note: that delivery time is based on his current location and schedule, so it can vary from a few weeks to up to a year in some cases. (wrapping suggestions).  There are several unconfirmed reports that Dennis "may" be out of business as of 1/1/01.

Average price: vids $160+ pins $135-$160+. 

Availability: All year long.  Although he can takes months to get into your area. 

AEI ShippingA door-to-door commercial national shipper.  We have received reports that this service is now excepting palleted pins for U.S. door to door service.  They also offer insurance for around $12 (this covered up to $2200 in damage).  The range of the company is questionable at this time, however they have gone from CA to TENN, so it seems to be total coverage.  Leon, who reported this company to me (thanks) says he has used them successfully many times with great results.  Suggest calling them with your needs at 1-800-234-2778. 

Average price: $125-$140 

Availability: All year long.  Duration of deliveries unknown. 

Monday'sThe owner of this service, Fred, has been dealing in large collectables since the 1970's.  He put together a shipping service for his own needs and then expanded it when he began getting requests from other collectors.  Basically what he does is act as a go-between to freight services.  You give him the item(s) description, approx weight and travel route and he goes through his contacts and secures the best deal available.  He can ship terminal to terminal or door-to-door, although the terminal route is cheaper.  Note: Third-party shippers used may not specialize on game shipping, we suggest padding your games appropriately.  His phone number is 925-846-6096.  Monday's does accept credit cards.  And they can ship between the U.S., Mexico and Canada! 

Average price: $150-$200 for an upright 

Availability: All year long. 


Mike AppoloMike's homebase is in southern New Hampshire.  Periodically he makes runs down to Northeast Pennsylvania (Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area) to move games of his own.  He can make pickups and deliveries at any point in between (especially if on or near (I 93, 495, 90, 84, 81, 80).  Limited space available.  His games take precedence. 

Type: Door to door 

Average price: $75-$100 

Availability: From time to time 

Areas covered: Southern NH to NE PA. only! 


Brian McCauleyBrian's homebase is in Salem and he is willing to help anyone in the region who may need a hand, when available.  Specializes in pinball games but may do vids from time to time.  Prefers pins broken down.  Items carefully wrapped in tarps and moving blankets.  Will require help with moving item to and from the truck and no stairs please.  Precedence to major arteries and highways (extreme northern New England may not be available).  Limited space and trips available. 

Type: Door to door 

Average price: $50-$100 

Availability: From time to time 

Areas covered: New England, NJ, NY and PENN 

Mike SingerFrom Amusement Video Pinball in Baltimore.  Offering a limited door-to-door service, non-profit, based on distance.  If willing to work around the areas of southern NJ, southern PA, Delaware, northern Va, DC and eastern WestVA.  Shipments will be occassional. 

Type: Door to door 

Average price: $12 per 100 miles, $10 per manhour. 

Availability: From time to time. 

Areas covered: NJ, PA, DE, VA, DC, WVA 


TexasPinmoverLocated in San Antinio Texas, serves the South-Central U.S. states with special emphasis on New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana , Texas.  Offers wrapping service for an extra $10 per machine (note we always suggest wrapping your own games too!). 

Type: Door-to-door 

Average price: vids $200+. $175-250 pins. 

Availability: All year long. 

Areas Covered: South-Central U.S. 

Jack RabbitSelected shipping to Centreal  areas of the U.S. 
See information in the WEST section here for details. 
C.D.S. incA new moving company with their hub in Houston Texas. They specialize in moving office machines, but are willing to move video games. Can pick up and deliver door to door in Houston and surrounding cities.  They say they are insured and use a 1999 UD box van.  Contact Ray Terris at Ray Terris at 281-492-4560, 281-267-5477(pager). 

Type: Door-to-door 

Average price: $100 

Availability:  All year long 

Areas covered: Just Texas and surrounding local areas 


Jack RabbitSelected shipping to Southern areas of the U.S. 
See information in the WEST section here for details.
TexasPinmoverSelected shipping to Southern areas of the U.S. 
See information in the CENTRAL section above for details. 
Mike MilliganShips games through a selected area of California about once a month.  Also can ship games from local auctions in that area.  Space limited. 

Type: door-to-door 

Average price: $100 

Availability: Once per month. 

Areas Covered: San Jose to LA, CA 

Jack RabbitNow ships games in 16 western states from home base in Salt Lake City,
Utah.  Quick delivery (1-15 days usually) as a specialty, over 45 days and its free (check their website for their schedule)!  Website has recent deliveries, pricing and specific wrapping info.  Info at 801-361-3230. (wrapping suggestions).  Now offers a unique service called "game condition verification" which helps you be assured the game is what you think it is.

Type: door-to-door 

Average price: $225 for pins and vids.. 

Availability: All year long. 

Areas Covered: 16 western states. See map. May expand east.

Dave LangerDave has been shipping large copiers and electronics for years.  Recently, him and his brother decided to provide this service for video games as well.  His plan is to establish a twice monthly run throughout the western sector.  All items are shrink wrapped and blanketed (always wrap yourself too)!  Item price is based on distance.  For auctions, contact him at least three weeks prior.  Covered most of California (esp LA and SF) to Southern Oregon, as well as Los Vegas.  Contact phone is 805.349.8374. 

Type: door-to-door 

Average price: $100-$135 

Availability: Twice or more per month 

Areas Covered: CA, OR, NV 

Dave TaylorShips games from Calgary, Alberta Canada to anywhere in the U.S.  Uses a Canadian air shipper and then transfers to Forward Air. 

Type: Airport 

Average price: $140 

Availability: All year long 

Areas Covered: Calgary, Alberta to U.S. 

Monday's ShippingSelected shipping to Canada and Mexico. 
See the information above for details. 

Foward AirSelected shipping to Canada at the airports of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.  Clcik on link at left for details
Mr. Ben
(UK and Europe)
Based in Cardiff, South Wales, UK.  Offers delivery of pinballs and vids through the UK and even into Europe in certain circumstances.  Contact him for more specific information. 

Type: door-to-door 

Average price: highly variable, based on mileage and tolls 

Availability: From time to time