What is a Neo Geo Arcade System?


 NEO-GEO Information


Not to many people today may know exactly what a Neo-Geo is. The Neo-Geo video game system was created in 1989 by SNK of Japan. It's first incarnation was the Multi Video System (MVS). This was actually arcade hardware that used the then revolutionary idea of having a single system board and using cartridges to hold the actual games. Much like a Nintendo Entertainment System would. While this sounds like common sense, at the time most arcade games were distributed on a single PC Board. Making life for arcade operators expensive and troublesome. With the Neo Geo arcade owners could use the same cabinet, monitor, and control layout for a multitude of games, making the Neo-Geo one of the best systems at the time.


 This Arcade Unbelievable sigle slt Neo-Geo Arcade System. Currently this game has 111-in-1 cartidge. Great game!



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